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Digital wedding invitations with RSVP

Create your invitations in minutes and invite by WhatsApp or email in a simple way. Manage guest attendance and send as many invitations as you want for only 19,95USD (you pay once you like the design).

Personalize your wedding invitation

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What do our wedding cards include?

The magic of original and digital invitations

Unlimited sending

Through WhatsApp, Email, Social Networks and any digital platform.

Background music

Your song will play in the background of the invitation.


Exciting real-time countdown direct to the date of your event

Location and Directions

Interactive map with the location of the event, your guests will arrive without complications.

List of songs

Your guests can create a playlist of songs that can't be missed at your party.


Your guests have the possibility to send you their gifts.


Your guests can schedule your big day with a single click in their calendars.

Photo Album

A unique story in a beautiful photo tour

List of attendees (RSVP)

Your guests can confirm their presence to help you with the final guest list.

Instagram Wall

All publications of your event in one place for all guests to participate

Dress Code

Inform your guests of the dress code or style of dress chosen for your big day.

VIP Access

Set your invitation in private mode, only guests with access can see it.

Customer access

Configure invitation features, view guest list and suggested songs

Customizable link

Personalize the link of your invitation as you like it.


You can recommend accommodations near your wedding to your guests.


Tell your guests what menu options will be available at the wedding.


You can indicate guests, bus schedules and stops.

Why use our digital wedding invitations?

At Detailsinvitaciones.com, we take wedding invitations to the next level. Imagine being able to create a personalized and unique invitation, without leaving home and with all the tools you need at your fingertips.

  • Maximum customization: Choose from a variety of exquisite designs and personalize every detail. Our intuitive system allows you to fill in the fields easily, creating an invitation that perfectly reflects the essence of your big day.
  • Share with ease: Once created, share your invitation with your loved ones via WhatsApp or email, in a simple and efficient way.
  • Interactive and fun: Add a special touch with photos from your Instagram account, include the exact location of the wedding, create a playlist to cheer up your guests, and much more.
  • Efficient guest management: With our attendee management tool, keeping track of your guests is easier than ever.
  • Exciting countdown: Add a countdown to your invitation to build anticipation and excitement for the big day.
  • Unlimited and affordable: Create as many invitations as you need, without worrying about additional costs.

At Details Invitations we understand that every wedding is unique. That is why we offer a service that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them, making each invitation an unforgettable memory. Pave the way for your special day with an invitation that says it all!

It is very simple, the steps are as follows:

  1. You choose the design you like the most among all the ones we have available (we have new ones every week).
  2. Add your name, date and location
  3. Fill in the rest of the data, you can add photos, videos…whatever you want.
  4. Account number or gift list, music and little else.
  5. You send them to your guests without limit

Anybody can make a mistake, of course, you can change them as many times as you want. From our side there is no problem.

The cost of creating your invitations is
19,95 euros
. No matter how many you send or how you send them, it’s a fixed price with no surprises.

This means that in 5 minutes you will be able to send them and they will be there when you want them. Enter the ceremony data and enjoy the functionalities.

No, of course not. Until you delete your account the invitation will be kept alive, so you can do it whenever you want, it is never too early.

Yes, our invitations are a kind of wedding website that you can use whenever you want.

It really depends on the type of event, if it is a small, local wedding with few guests you can give 3 months notice, while if the wedding is larger it is advisable to do so up to 12 months in advance. Keep in mind that the sooner you let them know, the more likely it is that they will be able to attend the wedding.

You can share them on your social networks, by email or WhatsApp, once you finalize the design and pay them you can share the link that will lead to the wedding website itself.

With the invitation you have included the guest list, it is a functionality with which you will be able to receive confirmations and an order in your confirmed guests. All they have to do is fill in their companions, allergies and any comments, and then they will appear in your guests section.

When you’re getting married, it’s every detail must be perfectly planned.and digital wedding invitations are a great option to consider. Forget Canva and other templates with backgrounds, we specialize in weddings. These co-signature cards offer many design possibilities and are very fashionable. At Details Invitations we offer you a tool that allows you to create your wedding cards.

Unlike paper wedding invitations, these invitations are perfect for church and civil weddings. invitations can include photographs, videos and musical backgrounds that identify the couple and are perfect for both church and civil weddings.. They are also more practical to keep track of, and we have the perfect tool for you to create them easily and at the best price.

What should virtual wedding invitations include?

It is important that the digital wedding invitations contain all the information about the day of the wedding. From Details Invitations we recommend that your invitation card have the following information:

  • Names of the bride and groom.
  • Date and time of the celebration.
  • Location, which should be interactive so that guests can easily reach the event thanks to the maps.
  • Additional details you may want to include.
  • RSVP link to easily confirm if you will or will not be attending the wedding.
  • List of gifts, especially if they are to be purchased at a specific store, or indicate if the gift will be cash only.
  • The specific dress code.

With our tool you will be able to customize your digital wedding invitations to the maximum.creating wedding invitations that will be unique. Ideally, the invitations should be completely adapted to your wedding and your tastes, without having to worry about the budget at all. All because you will be able to send unlimited invitations with a single payment, and you won’t have to spend too much money.

How to send wedding invitations online?

This type of invitations are very versatile, especially because they can be sent by any electronic means. These are invitations that can be sent by WhatsApp or by emailbut in the latter case you must send them one at a time so that they are not marked as spam.

A QR Code can be wedding invitations you can add a QR CodeThe purpose of this is to be the way to enter the event. Thanks to this, guests will be able to easily identify themselves upon arrival at the event and will be let in.

Recommendations when sending cards

Normally, digital wedding digital wedding invitations will be sent by digital means.Although it may seem simple, it is necessary to follow some recommendations:

  • Do not fall into the temptation of mass mailings so that it is not spam.
  • If you are going to send them by WhatsApp, it is best to personalize them with the name of the guest so that they sound very close. Do not forward them because it will appear that the message has been forwarded.
  • The invitation can be accompanied with words of affection for the guests, and you can call them in the affectionate way you know them to make them feel important.
  • Photos and videos should not be too heavy or too long, so that there are no problems when opening them.
  • In the subject line of the email, you can put the reason for the invitation in bold.

If you make your design from Details Invitationsyou can get a direct link to your wedding invitation, which you can share in a very simple and fast way.

Current invitation trends

If you are choosing your wedding invitations for your wedding celebrationIdeally, the ideal is to find a model that is representative of the event. Some of the the most current trends in wedding invitations will be the following will be the following:

  • Botanicals
  • Classics
  • Customized
  • Elegant
  • Vintage
  • Romantic
  • Rustic
  • Minimalists
  • Themes

Everything will depend on the design that best suits your tastes and the wedding you are going to perform.. Look for a design that you like, and that will definitely be a great option to consider, and you should always be sure to imbue them with your unique touch to make them to make them truly unique and unforgettable.

Be sure to think carefully about color and time of year

The color palette when choosing the digital wedding invitations is just as important as for paper wedding invitations. There are different color palettes of yellows, greens, blues, golds, grays, oranges, neutrals, browns, among many other combinations.

Everything will depend on the result you want to obtain, but you must make sure not to mix too many colors. not to mix too many colors. This is because the result could be unaesthetic or may be too strident.

All will depend on the time of yearBecause for winter weddings, cold colors will be the best option. For spring weddings, cheerful shades will always be the best solution. In the summer the bright and flashy colors will be idealwhile for autumn, reddish, orange and maroon tones are ideal, among others.

How many will be needed?

This is a calculation you should make especially if we are talking about the digital wedding invitations. However, the great advantage of digital wedding invitations from Details Invitations is that you will be able to send as many invitations as you need.

This is a great advantage of digital wedding invitations, because there are bound to be guests that you will have to add at the last minute. A la wedding will be attended by couples of guestsas well as singles who will be accompanied by someone special whom you probably don’t know.

Should the stationery match the card?

The wedding stationery is something basic to take into consideration.It is recommended that the digital wedding invitation matches the rest of the wedding stationery. All the graphic parts of the wedding should be taken care of completely, and then everything will look very nice.and then everything will look very nice.

The result will always be impeccable, harmonious and with the same common thread. You will be able to create harmony from the digital wedding invitationThese should be made in the same colors as the rest of the stationery. Remember send invitations well in advance so that guests can so that guests can confirm their attendance.