Types of invitations that can be sent for weddings

In the wedding planning We must prepare details such as the dress, the place of the ceremony and the celebration. If you have all these details ready, it’s time to send your invitation card. invitation card in order for your loved ones to be able to come to your event.

Keep in mind that the invitations should be in line with the style of your wedding, so you should be clear about how your wedding will be and you will be able to decide more easily which invitations to choose. There are many types of wedding invitation cards that you can consider you can consider and let’s get to know the most popular ones.

What types of wedding invitations to choose?

We can find a wide variety of wedding cards to send to our loved ones. However, among the most popular ones we can find:


This type of invitation requires that elegance comes first, and it is an invitation that will be sent for the most sophisticated celebrations. The design must be completely adapted to the bride and groom, and if it is a physical invitation, all stationery elements must have the same style. Ideally, the invitation should be very beautiful and completely in line with the tastes of the bride and groom.


These invitations can become a little more informal, but they do not lose the touch of elegance that a wedding has. They are made in fine papers, without many details, and normally their size is smaller, reflecting that it is a classic ceremony and event.

These invitations should not be marked with calligraphy, and different text options can be chosen depending on the tastes of the bride and groom. They are very nice cards, and will fit perfectly to any celebration.


These are invitations that will reflect that the event does not have a formal character, being the indicated ones when the bride and groom want to generate a sense of familiarity. The materials for these types of invitations will usually depend on the style of the couple. These invitations have a style that is unique, and will undoubtedly be a great alternative for all cases in which you are looking for a more familiar wedding.


With this type of invitations you can reflect the personality of the couple without losing the style of the event. You can personalize your cards as much as you want, without losing your good taste. These cards can have a style all their own, while remaining as elegant as the occasion demands.

With textures

They are one of the most original wedding invitations that we can find, especially because the texture will add a special touch. These invitations are made with different materials, and are undoubtedly a great alternative when you want to achieve a perfect touch in all your invitations. Thanks to them, the bride and groom will be able to show their guests a totally new and unique style.

These invitations feature paper with different treatments and presentations, as well as boxes, wooden frames, ribbons, ribbons, bows, lined cardboard, among many other materials used to make this type of invitations.


Your wedding invitations can be related to a specific theme. You can opt for invitations inspired by the tastes of the bride and groom, to achieve a style that will undoubtedly be very nice. There are no limits in this type of invitations, because everything will depend on the creativity and tastes of the bride and groom to achieve a unique style in wedding invitations.


This type of invitations are specifically designed so that you don’t have to worry about the details for your wedding guests. They are very practical invitations, and can usually be used as part of the decoration. Some invitations that can be very original are those that can be used as jewelry boxes, cameras or an LP, which will make them invitations that are functional at the same time.


These invitations are very fashionable nowadays, and they can also function as a reminder. These invitations are usually accompanied with a natural element such as a cactus, which is a plant that is easy to take care of and will give an extra value to the invitation.

You can also send bags of seeds, with which you can give a very nice message to your guests to take care of the environment. In addition, when you plant these seeds, the memory of your wedding will remain in the gardens of the guests, being a very nice option to consider.

The most important thing in wedding invitations is that they meet the following requirements personalized according to the style of the bride and groom. If you are looking to protect the environment, the sending of digital wedding invitations is currently a good idea so that you can take care of the environment because no paper will be used in its production.

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